The Phoenix Group was developed as a well-rounded single source construction agency to better serve our clients’ evolving needs. Each company in the Phoenix Group complements and adds unique value to the group as a whole. Together the Phoenix Group companies provide integrated and comprehensive solutions for our clients and their projects.

Exeter Property Development

Serving clients since 2002. Our mission at Exeter is to help land owners, companies, funders and investors wisely assess and unlock development opportunities in our very unique property markets. A collaborative approach with you as the client means that synergies are maximized and the very best solutions are created.


Icon Architecture

Meeting clients’ needs since 2002. Our focus at Icon is to provide each and every client with a rewarding and memorable experience. Dating back to 2002 Icon has provided a full range of Architectural Services to our clients in the Commercial and Residential sectors. We take great pride in supporting Developers, Businesses and Home Owners with establishing their objectives and delivering celebrated landmarks.


Delphi Information Systems Management

Delphi was formed in 2003 when The Phoenix Group partnered their 30+ year history of doing quality business in the Cayman Islands with 30+ years of IT management experience. Out of this partnership, Delphi was born. The desire was to create a team of IT professionals who would provide top-quality, professional services to Cayman Islands businesses for the implementation, maintenance and support of their computer systems and network infrastructure.


Condor Properties

Serving clients since 2007. Condor Properties Ltd. specializes in the hands-on supervision of residential and commercial properties. We concentrate solely on property management and offer professional services that are tailored to meet your specific requirements.


Phoenix Construction

Phoenix Ltd., trading as Phoenix Construction, has been a registered full-service General Contractor in the Cayman Islands since 1979; we opened a second office in Saint Kitts & Nevis in 2015. Our project experience has been extensive over our 39+ years of delivering projects in the Caribbean, covering various sectors such as hospitality, commercial, institutional, industrial, educational, residential and civil. We have had the pleasure of building a wide range of building types within these sectors. We are accustomed to working with all contract types commonly used and we have developed strong protocol and procedures for all aspects of our business. We are fortunate to have great people managing our clients’ expectations and taking pride in their daily roles. Throughout our history, we have enjoyed approximately 80% repeat and referral business. We provide complete support before, during and after building construction.

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